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This contemporary representation of Saint Sebastian’s martyrdom, with a central female figure, delves into themes of vulnerability, sacrifice, and resilience. The shiny aluminum on which it’s printed accentuates the luminous effect, underscoring the juxtaposition of light and darkness in the artwork. Print on shiny aluminum


This contemporary depiction of the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian offers a powerful commentary on vulnerability, sacrifice, and resilience, breaking away from tradition. The female figure at the center of the artwork, replacing the iconic male image of Saint Sebastian, presents a bold and challenging reinterpretation of the theme. Her upward gaze, illuminated by a divine aura, suggests a blend of suffering and transcendence. Her body, marked by arrows, displays neither defeat nor surrender; instead, she stands with strength and dignity. The decaying setting, with its crumbling architecture, contrasts with the surrounding nature’s vitality, symbolized by lush trees and ferns. This suggests a message of rebirth and regeneration, where nature reclaims its spaces following human-induced destruction. The portrayal of a naked female figure, in place of the traditional Saint Sebastian, speaks of women’s vulnerability in society and the hidden strength behind it. Nudity, while explicit, isn’t used in a vulgar or sensational manner; it highlights the purity and sacredness of sacrifice. The choice to print the piece on shiny aluminum emphasizes the luminous effect of the surrounding aura. The reflective play creates a dynamic and immersive image, intensifying the contrast between the subject’s brightness and the surrounding darkness. Print on shiny aluminum

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130X230cm – 51X90" (Huge), 110X190cm – 43X75" (Extra large) TOP !, 90X155cm – 35X61" (Large), 70X120cm – 27X47" (Normal) BEST SELLER, 60x100cm – 23X39" (Regular) BEST SELLER, 50X85cm – 19X33" (Small), 40X70cm – 15X27" (Very small)


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