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The MEA DOMINA IN RUBRUM depicts a modern Madonna, enveloped in celestial light and surrounded by white lilies, symbolizing her purity. Her red dress and the floral design on her chest, reminiscent of a cross, merge together sanctity and humanity. Print on shiny aluminum


The artwork presented offers a bold and pop vision of the figure of the Madonna, reinterpreting her in a modern context full of new interpretations. The glossy aluminum used as a base makes the image particularly bright, highlighting the luminosity and spirituality of the central figure.
The Madonna stands with distinctive and modern features, complemented by vibrant hair and makeup. This innovative representation is a manifestation of the divine embracing humanity.
The tumultuous clouds and radiant light in the background accentuate her superhuman presence. Stars and a luminous aura around her head highlight her celestial nature, yet maintaining a strong connection with the earthly world.
Beside her, beautiful white lilies enhance her purity, in sharp contrast with the red dress. This dress represents blood and flesh, creating a fusion between the divine and the human. On her chest, a detail captures attention: a floral design that collectively forms a cross, evoking the idea of sacrifice and offering.
The pedestal on which she stands underscores her grandeur and her role as an intermediary between heaven and earth.

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Weight 5 kg

100X230cm – 39X90" (Extra large), 75X170cm – 29X66" (Large), 50X115cm – 19X45" (Regular) BEST SELLER, 40X90cm – 15X35" (Normal), 30X70cm – 11X27" (Small)


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