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The MEA DOMINA is a stunning piece of art depicting the Virgin Mary on a marble altar adorned with gold, a veil, and falling feathers. The image is printed on a large piece of aluminum, creating a modern and sophisticated look that blending the sacred and the secular through the use of both modern and traditional symbols, with the shiny aluminum emphasizing divine light and spirituality. Print on shiny aluminum


The artwork presents a bold and pop vision of the Madonna figure, reinventing her in a context rich in modern symbolism. Thanks to the use of shiny aluminum as a medium, the image shines intensely, reflecting divine light and pure spirituality.
The central figure, the Madonna, showcases distinct and modern features with vibrant hair and makeup. This innovative portrayal demonstrates the melding of the old with the new, asserting the relevance of divinity and spirituality in every era.
The tumultuous clouds and radiant light behind her highlight the divine presence, and the angels on the sides harken back to traditional images of the Christian religion. The stars and the luminous aura around her head emphasize her celestial nature and her royalty as the Queen of Heaven (Regina Caeli).
The blue dress and white cloak, colors closely associated with the Virgin Mary, represent purity and divinity. The detail of the tattoo on her chest, depicting a cherub, infuses the work with a contemporary touch, emphasizing the union of the sacred with the profane.
The pedestal on which the Madonna stands elevates her status and her role as a bridge between humans and the divine.

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Weight 5 kg

100X230cm – 39X90" (Extra large), 75X170cm – 29X66" (Large), 50X115cm – 19X45" (Regular) BEST SELLER, 40X90cm – 15X35" (Normal), 30X70cm – 11X27" (Small)


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