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Stunning Pietas print on aluminum featuring the Virgin Mary and her died son Jesus, inspired by Michelangelo’s famous sculpture. Print on shiny aluminum

WINNER – Third place at PREMIO VIENNA (Vienna Award)


contemporary reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s “Pieta”, a timeless masterpiece capturing the essence of sacrifice and compassion across generations. In this rendition, the sacred intertwines with the secular, offering a unique and potent portrayal of Jesus’ sacrifice.
The decaying backdrop of an ancient chapel sets the stage for this profound moment between mother and son. Divine light pouring from the colored rosette bathes the scene, establishing an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection. This illumination emphasizes the figure of Jesus, the son, lying lifeless in his mother’s arms, symbolic of his death and resurrection. His body, marked by the weight of sacrifice, stands as a testament to a mother’s profound love and immense sorrow for her son.
The mother, depicted with a luminous crown and bright blue eyes, embodies the Virgin Mary. Her posture and upward gaze evoke feelings of seeking solace and redemption from the heavens. The rose on her arm and the “hope” tattoo on her fingers are modern details that harmoniously coexist with the sanctity of the image, forging a dialogue between the original artwork and this modern interpretation. Print on shiny aluminum

WINNER – Third place at PREMIO VIENNA (Vienna Award) 

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Weight 5 kg
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150X150cm – 59X59" (Huge), 120X120cm – 47X47" (Extra large), 100X100cm – 39X39" (Large), 90X90cm – 35X35" (Big), 80X80cm – 31X31" (Regular) BEST SELLER, 70X70cm – 27X27" (Normal) BEST SELLER, 60X60cm – 23X23" (Small), 50X50cm – 19X19" (Very small)


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