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The artwork portrays Mary Magdalene in a contemporary light, with half-closed eyes and a shameful gaze directed downward, symbolizing her internal struggle with judgment. Through various symbolism, the image expresses the individual’s deep connection to the divine and the desire for protection from the world’s critique. Print on shiny aluminum


The artwork presents a contemporary and intense depiction of Mary Magdalene, traditionally seen as one of the most enigmatic figures of the New Testament. The image of Mary Magdalene is portrayed with silent dignity, suspended between the sacred and the profane, the earthly and the divine. Her dark complexion, illuminated by a purple glow, suggests a deep connection to the divine. Her half-closed eyes, looking downward, not only indicate inner reflection but also a sense of shame or reluctance, as if she feels judged for her closeness to the divine. The lace veil covering her is a symbol of purity and chastity, but it might also represent a shield from the criticism and judgment of the outside world.
The dramatic contrast between the black background and the colorful flowers and angels heightens the artwork’s intensity. The flying doves symbolize the Holy Spirit and freedom, while the cherubs surrounding Mary Magdalene seem to protect and venerate her figure. The black and white image of a winged woman in the center could represent Mary Magdalene herself, alluding to the duality of her nature, both earthly and celestial.
The blue and white flowers at her feet symbolize rebirth, purification, and divinity. The artwork, as a whole, conveys the message that, despite judgment and criticism, every individual has the right to feel and connect with the divine.  Print on shiny aluminum

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140X200cm – 55X79" (Huge), 120X170cm – 47X67" (Extra large), 100X140cm – 39X55" (Large), 70X100cm – 27X39" (Normal) BEST SELLER, 60X85cm – 24X34" (Regular) BEST SELLER, 50X70cm – 20X28" (Small), 40X55cm – 16X22" (Very small)


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